1955Founding of Becromal by Ernest Charles Rosenthal. The first electrochemical etchings are made.
1966Construction of the Rozzano (Milano) production site and headquarter.
1969Production of the first high voltage foils with the know-how support of Siemens.
1986E. Ch. Rosenthal dies. His son, Harry Pierre, becomes President of Becromal.
1992Start of production of the new foil types, A991 and later A992, A993 and A994. With these new products, Becromal consolidates its leading position in the field of high voltage foils.
2001-2002Important investments in high voltage foil production in Milan, Italy.
2004Certification of plant in Milan to ISO 9001.
2006Implementation of a pilot plant in Milan based on a new high voltage etching technology.
2008In October EPCOS acquires 100% of Becromal shares.
2009EPCOS become part of TDK Group.
New plant in Iceland starts production.
2010Certification of plant in Iceland to ISO 9001.
2011New multi-step etching machine starts in Milan the production of very high gain foil.
Installation of first Co-Generation Plant in Milan.
2012Certification of plant in Milan to OHSAS 18001.
2013Second multi-step etching machine starts production in Milan.
Extending the production capacity of very high gain foil.
2014Release of low OLC forming process, main investments for recycling and recovering of waste in Milan.
ISO 14001 certification for Iceland plant.
2015ISO TS certification for Milan and Iceland plants. Second Co-Generation plant in Milan.
2017ISO 14001 certification for Milan plant.
2018IATF certification for Milan and Iceland plants.
ISO 50001 certification for Milan plant
In October Becromal changes his name in TDK Foil
2019ISO 45001 certification for Milan plant