TDK Foil has over 60 years’ experience in producing foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. With our sophisticated etching and forming technology we are able to satisfy the most advanced foil requirements for automotive and industrial applications.

Our special core type etching technology achieves the highest gains available in the market today.
The aluminium foil undergoes electrochemical processes which alter its structure at a microscopic level. In its most technologically advanced products, TDK Foil creates, in a foil that is only 100 micron in thickness, up to 20 million microtunnels for square centimetre; each of them is 1 micron in diameter and 30 – 40 micron in depth.
After that, the aluminium foil undergoes an anodic oxidation process which covers the etched foil structure with a dielectric which enables its use in the electrolytic capacitor.



We are able to offer our customers the highest forming grades used for foils with high ripple current, low ESR and long life reliability, thus supporting capacitor miniaturization trends.
We design and construct our machine tools, incorporating our expertise in industrial foil and groundbreaking research.

To meet top quality requirements TDK Foil implemented a quality system and obtained the IATF 16949 certification for the automotive industry in 2018 for both sites (Italy and Iceland).
This system is part of the continuous improvement process and it is regularly updated to meet current customer requirements.

We are therefore able to guarantee from the beginning of the production process to the final quality control a raised performance of the foil.