TDK Foil (previously Becromal) was founded in 1955 and today is an “innovation” key player in the market of aluminum foils for electrolytic capacitors. At TDK Foil, the raw foil undergoes a multiphase electrochemical process that modifies the surface structure of the foil at a microscopic level, in order to increase its electrical capacity (i.e. etching) and create a stable oxide layer on its surface (i.e. forming).

A good relationship with raw materials suppliers is an essential element for a good success of the sold products. The characteristics of the used material (aluminium foil 99,99% pure) imply an effective inspection procedures and a constant development.
The foil is the main raw material used for the construction of aluminum electrolytic capacitors ensuring the functionality of almost all electronic circuits and electrical appliances, including applications for the renewable energies (wind, solar) and all kind of power supplies.

The TDK Foil product line enables an excellent performance of capacitors, providing foils with high specific capacitance, high mechanical strength, low ESR and high reliability. TDK Foil is headquartered close to Milan, Italy and it owns a forming plant in Iceland. TDK Foil is worldwide one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum foils for electrolytic capacitors.

Company Facts

  • Company name: TDK Foil Italy S.p.A.
  • Headquarters: Via E. Ch. Rosenthal 5, Rozzano (Milano), Italy.
  • Founded: August 1955.
  • Products: Medium and High Voltage Formed Foils, Low Voltage Formed Foils, Cathode Foils, Tab Foils.
  • Global presence: Manufacturing sites in Italy (HQ) and Iceland.